a Round of Golf

Living in Hawaii, there is a smorgasbord (if you will) of activities to spend your time with. For me, my preference lies with all things ocean and wilderness so naturally I tend to choose surfing and hiking as my weekend adventures. However, there is one activity that Hawaii provides some of the best resources for other than hiking and surfing, and that’s golf.


I’ll admit, growing up I always saw golf as a reason for folks to wear funny hats and pants, and I treated it more of a punch line than a sport. When Tiger came to the scene he definitely brought an element of “cool” to the sport, by my interest was still mild at best. But as of late, I am beginning to realize that not only is golf one of the most challenging and interesting sports I’ve tried, but also one that combines social activities, athletics, and relaxation into some glorious and frustrating combination.

Last week, I was lucky enough to play a course with a few friends that one friend described as “fairly ghetto.” I’m not sure if I just haven’t played enough courses, or if he has played too many nice ones on the island, but I thought it was sweet. We lucked out with beautiful weather and a course that was low in traffic. No pressure from groups behind us or any targets in front for me to hit, just a chance to really learn the game. I won’t say who won or lost, or even share my score (let’s just say that if it was a quarterback rating, mine would be near perfect) but I will share some quick shots from the day.


Mr. Chat checking out his next shot.


Jeremy rocking his best “Tiger.”


“Dude, I have no idea where that went.”

IMG_0271Like a champ.

4 Responses to “a Round of Golf”

  1. We should make a wager. Loser has to share their score card on their blog.

  2. Agreed. With the caveat that my score must be under 100. So… it may be awhile.

  3. What course did you guys play?

  4. A very quiet one that isn’t too widely known… 😉

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