Vegas Baby, Vegas

OK. Part laziness, part anticipation for my new site to be live, but regardless I have been showing my blog no love. These are old, but I decided to post a bunch of photos and spin it a bit with a photo blog style. Rad.
Me and the boys standing under a ceiling at the Venetian Hotel in Vegas. Hard to capture how amazing the art really is, and we’re talking Vegas, not Italy. Crazy.


Our home in Vegas.

Some weird stuff happened in Vegas. Check out @NealKido

Notice the strategic hand-in-pocket placement. Yup you guessed it, model school.
Bigger than my body gives me credit for.

Vegas was good fun. But after watching “The Hangover,” we all decided we’re due a second trip with some new twists. To be continued…

2 Responses to “Vegas Baby, Vegas”

  1. Alex Gould Says:

    Next time im going with…
    and uhh…whats that growing ony your face??

  2. Not even a question. I need “the Man” to show me to do Vegas right! My face? That was a disguise. I used to do some risque type Vegas shows in my early days and didn’t want any old fans to recognize me. Don’t act like you don’t dig it.

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