A Kickball Birthday BBQ Means I’m a Grownup

I have celebrated two birthdays in Hawaii now. The first was spent at a nightclub the night before and the day of was spent at a water park. We literally spent hours riding the same rides again and again, and giggling like school children the entire time. Funny part was the next day when a coworker let me know he was there with his three children (combined age of 14) and saw us on the same rides as them, good times!

This year I wanted to dignify my birthday with a coming of age. A celebration that suits my maturity level if you will. So naturally, Kim and my closest friends planned a BBQ in the park that included food, drink, horseshoes, flying kites, and of course… kickball!


I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday! Not only did my Mom fly over from New Jersey to spend the week with us but my closest friends rallied under Kim who secretly planned the entire day! Huge thanks to all who attended, it was too fun! To those who wanted to stop by but were unable to make it, we missed ya! To check out some more pictures from day click here.

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