10 Reasons Why Twitter is Better, in 140 Characters or Less.

I am inexplicably coming onto my 1,000th Twitter update and decided to celebrate with a blog post. Mind you that 1,000 posts in the Twitter community is about the equivalent of me celebrating my 1st birthday but nevertheless for me thats a lot of internet for sure. Some folks may laugh at that statement considering my career revolves around the research, analysis, and strategic planning of digital, social, and interactive media. As you might have guessed the internet plays a small role in my daily routine (I promised you sarcasm in my first post, What’s a Stoke?).

For that very reason I have always been timid about my time on the internet post the work day. Adding to that I moved to Hawaii sixteen months ago and have become obsessed with being in the water as much as possible to surf. I own a Facebook account to be contacted as needed and I was a large advocate of participating in LinkedIn to stay connected with my professional contacts. After that it was only the uploading and sharing of pictures on Flickr with family and friends that took up my personal time on the computer. 

But then, after being so far away from friends and family and five hours behind, I began looking for new ways to connect. Video Skype was great for those connections but not as easy and as fast as I would like. And then, like a savior from the heavens (can you hear the harps?) Twitter came along. Here are 10 Reasons Why Twitter is Better, in 140 Characters or Less (go ahead, check em’) and why it should come along for you. 

1. It gives me access to the brightest minds in a variety of industries & professions. Not just as a receptor but a opportunity for discussion.

2. It allows me to post my thoughts, opinions, videos, pictures, & links to share with a unique & interested audience. Rants, raves, & randoms.

3. It increases my network of professional contacts, vendors, partners, & clients through the sharing of articles, opinions, & discussion.

4. It allows for powerful social media movements like the worldwide Twestival success or a new kidney for a girl in need. Unite the masses!

5. On multiple occasions my Twitter network has provided me with a vendor/partner that has allowed for a marketing campaign to launch in time.

6. Im able to attend conferences & events virtually w/ the ability to ask questions to the presenters as well as discuss topics w/fellow guests

7. I hear about news events almost as soon as they happen! Links to video, photos, interviews, live action, everything! I choose my news source

8. Twitter is like a personal Google assistant. Ask a question & receive multiple responses, opinions, examples, and some articles to boot!

9. This might be cheating but here’s 16 more reasons why Twitter is better, with @Mashable ‘s 16 Great Twitter Moments!

10. Last & most critical: It allows me to connect w/family & friends in an efficient & simple manner. Less process, more connecting, stoked.

Please feel free to follow me @danzelikman, or leave a question about Twitter, social or digital media on this post and I’ll be sure to get back to you. Cheers!

5 Responses to “10 Reasons Why Twitter is Better, in 140 Characters or Less.”

  1. Great post on Tweet. This made me follow you 🙂

  2. Hi Liza! Cheers for the visit, the post, and the follow! You guys found my site before I even posted anything! Wow! I guess I have @exbor to thank for that! Stoked to connect and exchange!

  3. DZ, as I’ve said time and time again, YTM! I couldn’t agree with you more about the goodness Twitter can bring into your professional and personal sides of life. The power of community is what I like best…nobody get’s together for a phone book meetup even though we’re all in there. Okay, that was a lame analogy, but the sense of engagement, unity, and crowdsourcing is amazing. Glad you found your way to Twitter my friend. Your Tweets lone may my experience on the medium that much better.

  4. Nate Dogg! Cheers for the kind words brother! Honestly though its a huge thanks to your guidance. I think 40% of the Hawaii Twitterverse stems back to you. Thanks again brother, YTM!

  5. […] Zelikman for his great post, 10 Reasons Why Twitter is Better, in 140 Characters or Less. It was such a great post, I Tweeted it, saying if you know people who still aren’t on […]

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