Windward Storm Surf Session – Dark and Stormy and Super Glassy

My first attempt at a mini-surf video… After a stormy weekend in November the five of us decided to paddle out to a surf break in Hawaii Kai on the island of Oahu. Cheers to Jack for having an access key, we were able to take advantage of fun glassy waves and empty sets. Besides having the waves to ourselves, we also enjoyed dark and stormy conditions that gave us some amazing photos and video. Due to the grey and dark blues in the shots, I thought that U2’s “Electrical Storm” would be most fitting. This was the result:

9 Responses to “Windward Storm Surf Session – Dark and Stormy and Super Glassy”

  1. miami surfing is so much better, its not even funny….
    i hate you…

  2. Dude, I seriously hate your guts. I think I just hit rock bottom watching that. Dammit im coming out there

  3. You’re a stud. If i come visit will you save me a spot in your bed?


  4. not bad for a first try 😉 but you need more footage. wait ’till i come out there!!

  5. You’re scaring my other readers Ant! But for you of course! You can have my bed, aka my couch.

  6. Nice. Makes me want to move to Hawaii, and I already live here! Nice segue to the end of my day. I’m going home now.

  7. Cindy, you’re the best! I can always count on you to stop by and comment on my site! Many thanks!

  8. dude…you all are stunners…enough said

  9. […] is my second that I have done, and if you haven’t seen the first please feel free to view it here. Although surfing and being in Hawaii’s waters is my first passion, filming and editing surf […]

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