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Windward Storm Surf Session – Dark and Stormy and Super Glassy

Posted in Raves with tags , , , , , , , on December 10, 2008 by Dan Zelikman

My first attempt at a mini-surf video… After a stormy weekend in November the five of us decided to paddle out to a surf break in Hawaii Kai on the island of Oahu. Cheers to Jack for having an access key, we were able to take advantage of fun glassy waves and empty sets. Besides having the waves to ourselves, we also enjoyed dark and stormy conditions that gave us some amazing photos and video. Due to the grey and dark blues in the shots, I thought that U2’s “Electrical Storm” would be most fitting. This was the result:


Turkey Day, Double the Pounds & Triple the Crown.

Posted in Raves with tags , , , , , on December 5, 2008 by Dan Zelikman

So I know I’m a week late but you have to cut me some slack… I was full.  Thanksgiving weekend was great, I hope you all enjoyed it too! I had a phenomenal dinner pack full of turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, crescents, stuffing, and a crazy oatmeal crumb cake type thing! Kimmy made it and it went great with ice cream. We prepped, we watched terrible football games (the Lions really need to go), we ate, and just like every other year we fell asleep trying to watch Elf.


The rest of the weekend was made up of a few surf sessions at Diamond Head and watching the Giants pummel the Redskins. The north swell was huge so we enjoyed the shoulder and head high waves at the windward side. As for the North Shore, my buddy Jack and I decided to check out the rainy, stormy, and windy day at the Triple Crown. Despite the chilling 75 degree temperature (ha) and the wet conditions it was good fun. The waves were peaking at around 10ft (Hawaiian) but because of the wind there were a lot of close outs. We caught some great sets from a few Brazilian surfers going against a few of our own locals. 


I haven’t been to a major tournament before so it was fun just being up there during all the madness. It’s cool being around so many people stoked on surfing at the same time. From 70 something year old women to 4 year old kids, everyone was cheering on the surfers while getting soaked in the storm. Although we had to catch the end via the web, on Wednesday December 4th, CJ Hobgood took the crown, congrats!