What’s a “Stoke?”

Ok. I’m blogging. Not exactly sure why, but I am. I named my blog “im Stoked,” because well I am, stoked that is. What’s a stoke? Well its a lot of things. Urban Dictionary defines a stoke as an adjective – to be “stoked” is to be completely and intensely enthusiastic, exhilarated, or excited about something. Those who are stoked all of the time know this; being stoked is the epitome of all being. When one is stoked, there is no limit to what one can do. 

Ambitious maybe, but mostly true. Like anyone else I have my bad days but for the most part I’m stoked. Here’s proof:


See? That’s me stoked while dropping in on a right at Wailupe, a favorite surf break of mine. Surfing is a huge source of my stoke and from what I’ve heard that’s where the term originated from. I moved to Hawaii just over a year ago and the stokes have been pretty consistent ever since. It has been an absolute privilege to live and play here, and I continue to envy all those who were born in Hawaii. Those are the folks who pass that stoke on to me everyday, cheers!

Other than surfing, I get stoked on doing anything outside. Probably makes sense why I love living in Hawaii so much. I also get stoked on work stuff. I work for StarrTech Interactive a division of Anthology Marketing. I dig interactive media planning, digital new media, social media, media media, and some more media. If you don’t believe me, check my Twitter page. 

So what can you expect from this piece of interactive literature? Sarcasm, and lots of it. Other than that there should be some surf session posts, movie posts, new media posts, exploring Hawaii posts, some rants, some raves, and some randoms. What do I expect from you? To laugh, to learn, and to vicariously earn a stoke of your own through mine. I also want to hear your comments, thoughts, and arguments. I love to argue, so bring it.

Speaking of bringing it (have you brought it yet?) I would love to hear where your stokes stem from. So… what’s your stoke? 


Dan Zelikman. (1)

12 Responses to “What’s a “Stoke?””

  1. Hi Dan,

    I’m stoked that you’re stoked! Great first entry and what you want to do with your blog.

    What makes me stoked? My kids, for sure. When they do funny things (C pushed me out of his room this morning, not sure why) and to see them learn and grow. That is so awesome. I love being a mom.

    Looking forward to future entries! Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. Love the blog name…

    Little things make me stoked… like completing my To Do list, or getting the kids to bed on time, or enjoying a quiet evening in front of the tv and laptop and a glass of wine.

    Hmmm, can someone be stoked about such mundane things? I think so. Either that or I’m easily exhilarated. Ahhh… subject for future thinking. Thanks a bunch for that. And I thought it was going to be a mindless afternoon.

  3. Dan, I’m stoked too that you have now joined the ranks of your fellow bloggers here at AMG. Site looks great and I’m adding you to the Kam Family Blog blogroll. Keep the posts coming and if you ever need inspiration, let’s get together for a friendly game of fooseball. 😉 I’m sure after watching me play that thing you’ll have something to write about. Happy Thankgiving.

  4. Aloha, Dan!
    Great to see your new blog. I’m very new to blogging and social media in general, but I’m amazed at the connections I have made with others and all the new perspectives that I would not have encountered otherwise.
    I guess that’s just one thing that’s got me “stoked!”
    Best of luck with it!

  5. Welcome to the blogosphere (does anyone use that word anymore?) If you need an awesome banner designed for this awesome blog, id be STOKED! -Tino

  6. Hi Dan! I’m stoked that I’ve found so many great people (like you) to interact with at Twitter, and so many are here in Hawaii. I’ve been part of other on-line communities since moving to Hawaii a few years ago, but to find so many fun, intelligent people in one place has really got me stoked!

  7. Welcome to blogging, Dan! Another PodCamp Hawaii success story. When I first started a month ago, I wondered what I would write about. I now find that I usually have more to talk about than space on the blog or time to write. Now that you’ve started, the next hurdle is quenching readers’ thirst for content. Good luck.

  8. I am not stoked. 😛 JK Congratulations on making the first step. Keep writing!

  9. Aloha Dan,
    Welcome to the blogosphere. Stoked to see you here.

  10. i’m stoked that Starbucks cups are red for christmas season

  11. I’m stoked to see some friends in a few weeks!

  12. I’m Stoked to be dancing again!! and that you’re guna be in NY soon!

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