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a Round of Golf

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Living in Hawaii, there is a smorgasbord (if you will) of activities to spend your time with. For me, my preference lies with all things ocean and wilderness so naturally I tend to choose surfing and hiking as my weekend adventures. However, there is one activity that Hawaii provides some of the best resources for other than hiking and surfing, and that’s golf.


I’ll admit, growing up I always saw golf as a reason for folks to wear funny hats and pants, and I treated it more of a punch line than a sport. When Tiger came to the scene he definitely brought an element of “cool” to the sport, by my interest was still mild at best. But as of late, I am beginning to realize that not only is golf one of the most challenging and interesting sports I’ve tried, but also one that combines social activities, athletics, and relaxation into some glorious and frustrating combination.

Last week, I was lucky enough to play a course with a few friends that one friend described as “fairly ghetto.” I’m not sure if I just haven’t played enough courses, or if he has played too many nice ones on the island, but I thought it was sweet. We lucked out with beautiful weather and a course that was low in traffic. No pressure from groups behind us or any targets in front for me to hit, just a chance to really learn the game. I won’t say who won or lost, or even share my score (let’s just say that if it was a quarterback rating, mine would be near perfect) but I will share some quick shots from the day.


Mr. Chat checking out his next shot.


Jeremy rocking his best “Tiger.”


“Dude, I have no idea where that went.”

IMG_0271Like a champ.


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This is why, I live where I live. No caption necessary.

Vegas Baby, Vegas

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OK. Part laziness, part anticipation for my new site to be live, but regardless I have been showing my blog no love. These are old, but I decided to post a bunch of photos and spin it a bit with a photo blog style. Rad.
Me and the boys standing under a ceiling at the Venetian Hotel in Vegas. Hard to capture how amazing the art really is, and we’re talking Vegas, not Italy. Crazy.


Our home in Vegas.

Some weird stuff happened in Vegas. Check out @NealKido

Notice the strategic hand-in-pocket placement. Yup you guessed it, model school.
Bigger than my body gives me credit for.

Vegas was good fun. But after watching “The Hangover,” we all decided we’re due a second trip with some new twists. To be continued…

South Shore Sundays

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South Shore Sunday depicts my footage captured from surf sessions streamed from January to April of 2009 on Oahu. This short surf movie is my second that I have done, and if you haven’t seen the first please feel free to view it here. Although surfing and being in Hawaii’s waters is my first passion, filming and editing surf movies is a close follow up. I love watching surf movies in general, but it’s pretty sweet to watch your own too. It serves as both a reminder of our experiences as well as a way to share the experiences with all of you.¬† I hope you enjoy the film, and I welcome all and any feedback you may have. Cheers for watching guys!

If you are unable to see the full screen by clicking the four corner arrows below, please use the following link to watch “South Shore Sundays.”

On some computers there is a bit of a delay once you hit the play button so thanks for your patience in advance!

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A Kickball Birthday BBQ Means I’m a Grownup

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I have celebrated two birthdays in Hawaii now. The first was spent at a nightclub the night before and the day of was spent at a water park. We literally spent hours riding the same rides again and again, and giggling like school children the entire time. Funny part was the next day when a coworker let me know he was there with his three children (combined age of 14) and saw us on the same rides as them, good times!

This year I wanted to dignify my birthday with a coming of age. A celebration that suits my maturity level if you will. So naturally, Kim and my closest friends planned a BBQ in the park that included food, drink, horseshoes, flying kites, and of course… kickball!


I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday! Not only did my Mom fly over from New Jersey to spend the week with us but my closest friends rallied under Kim who secretly planned the entire day! Huge thanks to all who attended, it was too fun! To those who wanted to stop by but were unable to make it, we missed ya! To check out some more pictures from day click here.

Momma Zelikman Visits Hawaii – A Short Movie

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So after about a year and a half in Hawaii, Momma Zelikman decided it was time to visit the islands for the first time. She came with very little expectations, only to celebrate her son’s birthday and enjoy the sights. Through a few hikes, beaches, surf sessions, sunsets, and a couple of fruity drinks, I think she came home with at least a smile. Or at least a few hundred pictures… which she made this video with… in less than twenty four hours of returning back to New Jersey…


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